Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To contribute to the development of a society, where health, well- being and harmony are supported within active communities.

Strategic Goal

North Glasgow Community Food Initiative’s Strategic Goal is to empower individuals and communities to lead practical and sustainable food related projects such as nutritional education, healthy cookery classes, growing food and giving access to affordable fruit and vegetables in the local community, that inspire and improve overall health and well- being, promoting community cohesion, whilst celebrating the diverse nature of the communities in North Glasgow.

Our Values


We will promote creative positive action to improve the position of people within the communities of North Glasgow and surrounding areas who are marginalised and who experience oppression.


We believe the voluntary and community sector is strongest when it works together and that our strategic goal will best be delivered through collaborative working


We believe voluntary action is built on the passion of individuals and communities to make a positive difference


We value and recognise the contribution our volunteers and members make to our service delivery and in influencing the way we do things


We are committed to providing high quality services and through listening to service users and stakeholders to make improvements to our services

Team Working

We are committed to working in a happy and healthy organisation, in which we respect each other, offer feedback and work to improve the experience of our staff and volunteers

Ethical Business

We will seek to make our charitable work self-sustaining by engaging in social business activities which enhance the social responsibility of local businesses and align to our other values

Our Social Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the role of food in creating and maintaining health and well being
  • To promote healthier lifestyles through local food hub activities
  • To consult with, listen to and involve local people as a community-led organisation
  • To provide social networks, mutual support, and volunteer opportunities that improve community harmony and empower people to become active in their neighbourhood.
  • To improve access to low cost fruit and vegetables for local communities and access to fresh food for people who are vulnerable or socially excluded
  • To encourage people to grow and eat fresh produce, increasing growing and gardening skills to enable more people to grow their own fruit & vegetables.
  • To encourage more people to gain skills, to grow their own fruit and vegetables, consume more fruit and vegetables and become environmentally aware.
  • To enable more people to cook healthily for themselves on a budget.
  • To participate in local, regional and national food partnerships and networks
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